Model 1500 Aquygen® Gas Generator

The Model 1500 Aquygen® Gas Generator runs on water and electricity only! It produces a stable hybrid hydrogen-oxygen gas, with many unique properties. The generator provides a superior gas for most conventional brazing, soldering and metal cutting operations.

The Model 1500 Aquygen® Gas Generator is a mid-sized machine, weighing about 160 lbs. with dimensions of 16" x 24" x 26" or about 5.75 cubic feet. It is powered by standard 220v current and can run continuously on 3/4 gallon of water for approximately 8 hours. The unit can operate one standard brazing/soldering station or multiple jeweler torches simultaneously. Additional models designed to generate larger quantities of Aquygen® gas are currently under development and are expected to be introduced in calendar 2009.

Model 1500 Aquygen® Gas Generator Advantages

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HTA is aggressively pursuing clean energy markets in which the inclusion of Aquygen® gas based technologies has been shown to increase combustion efficiency leading to:

1. Decreased fuel consumption

Decreased operating costs

2. Improved combustion emissions

Decreased capital and operating costs and revenue generation with carbon credits

Power Generation


Aquygen® gas has been shown to increase combustion efficiency in coal-fired furnaces leading to a dramatic decrease in fuel consumption and significant reduction in emissions, including CO2, CO, NOx, SOx, and fly-ash. Preliminary testing carried out at Western Research Institute (WRI), the leading energy research entity located in the number-one coal-producing state in the nation which has earned a name for reliable emissions testing and monitoring at power plants, showed an increase in furnace temperature upon the introduction of Aquygen® gas (A) and the ability to obtain the same furnace temperature with a decreased coal feed rate (B).

Some of the major benefits of HTA's Aquygen® Gas Enhanced Coal Combustion Process include:

Natural gas

As described below, Aquygen® gas has been shown to decrease natural gas consumption in boiler applications. We believe the same effect demonstrated in boiler applications will transfer to natural gas fired gas turbine applications for the power generation industry, allowing for significant reductions in fuel cost and emissions while producing substantial revenues from the generation of carbon credits.



Aquygen® gas produced on-board a vehicle and introduced to the engine's combustion environment has demonstrated increased fuel economy as well as decreased vehicle emissions. Both gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles and/or engines have been tested, showing a significant increase in fuel economy and reduction in emissions. HTA has recently completed an initial round of testing with a Ford F250 (diesel) and on-board system producing Aquygen® gas. Results from this testing can be seen here.

Modified/Treated fuels

After extensive research, HTA's partner RAI has developed a technology for treating various liquid fossil fuels with Aquygen® gas at moderate conditions with diesel fuel being the primary base fuel of interest. The primary method to increase the caloric power of a liquid fuel is to increase the mass concentration of hydrogen in the molecular chains. RAI's modified fuels technology has been shown to increase Cetane number, through increasing the alkane content, and H/C atomic ratio of the fuel. Diesel fuel modified with Aquygen® gas through a catalytic treatment has demonstrated improved combustion characteristics such as improved fuel economy and decreased smoke and particulate matter emissions. This modified fuels process is designed to be implemented at the refinery level.


Natural gas combustion

The combination of natural gas and Aquygen® gas provides an impressive compliment of clean fuels. The addition of Aquygen® gas to natural gas combustion environments has been shown to greatly reduce fuel consumption and improve emissions, especially carbon monoxide (CO). Initial experiments on a hot water boiler demonstrated the ability of Aquygen® gas to increase heat output (Nominal Flow) along with the ability to generate the same amount of heat with less natural gas (X, Y, and Z).

Specialty gas

Aquygen® gas has been extremely successful as a replacement for common industrial gases such as acetylene for most soldering, brazing, cutting, fusing, and specialty welding applications. The unique properties of Aquygen® gas make it possible to melt and cut most materials in record time. Because the temperature of the flame varies with the target media, from 259°F in open air to over 10,000°F, it can even be used to heat or fuse disparate materials together in ways that were previously impossible. Aquygen® gas can be used to fuse pieces of aluminum and other metals or to braze faster than traditional two-gas methods while requiring only one gas. Steel cutting is more fuel-efficient and 30% faster than traditional methods. The Flash movie below shows up to 1.75" thick steel being cut by Aquygen® gas only without any other gas.

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Aquygen® Gas can cut up to 1.75" steel without the benefit of other gases.

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Aquygen® Gas (HHO Gas) an solder or braze copper joints in up to half the time without the benefit of other gases.